Why Engine Swap Expertise Matters

There are many reasons drivers choose to swap their engine for an LS engine- for greater horsepower, better performance, or to update to a modern powertrain. Whether they drive an SUV, pickup or something else, all LS swaps have something in common: a need to use a service with the utmost understanding and expertise in engine swaps, particularly involving LS engines. 

An LS engine swap enables drivers to change their car’s current engine with a uniquely powerful and efficient one, the kind GM first used to revolutionize the world of V8 engines. The LS and LT are commonly fitted in trucks, SUVs, fleet vehicles, luxury and sports cars, but the engine is not designed to be used in all configurations and layouts and the process can be complex. A builder wants to be sure they’re working with someone whose knowledge and experience matches the challenge to provide the best possible outcome for your vehicle. 

What Engine Swap Specialists Know About Switching Engines 

The first thing a specialist can provide is insight into whether a swap is possible and what specific steps the process will entail. LS and LT engines are a modern platform and there are many parts to consider. A specialist will let you know which parts and pieces will allow a new motor to be installed, have access to all these components, and understand how they need to connect with your vehicle. 

Not All Swaps Are the Same 

An expert will understand wiring, accessory bracket and mounting fitment. Accessory components may pose a fitment issue and may need to be shifted to make room. How electrical elements and other parts connect to the engine should be considered before ever starting your swap. Working with an expert will help you avoid wasting your time and money. 

LS Engines Are Widely Available for Other Types of Applications 

While LS engines were originally designed for GM chassis, they have been found to be swapped in many applications from imports, boats, motorcycles, and even planes. Because of the many different applications, it takes an experienced pro to make the right recommendations to get the best results for each individual swap. 

Here at ICT Billet, we offer hundreds of solutions for LS and LT cars and trucks. Folks who are weighing their options and want to find out more can go online and find the internal engine components needed for their engine swap with parts and accessories designed and manufactured locally here in Kansas. They’ll find high quality, affordable engine parts made in the US from premium, aerospace-grade billet aluminum designed to provide the perfect fit.

The best way to be sure your swap is successful is to reach out to the experts. To get answers for your next swap, email sales@ictbillet.com or give us a call today at 316-300-0833. We look forward to helping you with your next LS swap project.

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