What to Know About Car Engines in the New Year

The engine of a vehicle.

A lot is happening in the world of car engines. Ongoing advancements have revolutionized what the average American is able to accomplish in a day. Whether to meet tightening government standards or to make improvements on outdated technology, there is always something new coming around the bend. The possibilities of things we haven’t seen before, such as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, are continually being explored. Prototypes are being designed to handle different types of fuels.

There’s a lot to anticipate! Here are just a few developments in car engines to keep an eye on in the new year.

Advanced Engines Designed to Be Lighter & More Efficient

There have been many advancements that are accessible to the average driver. A whole range of improved technologies enable gas-powered engines to start faster than before. Engines are being designed with fewer parts, making them lighter than similar engines. They’re better at conserving energy. In addition to being more fuel-efficient, they offer better acceleration and performance than their predecessors. 

Meanwhile, electric and hybrid-electric motors are replacing the internal combustion engines for an increasing number of drivers. While they remain out of many people’s price ranges, they have made a lot of progress in the realms of speed and horsepower. For now, few of these vehicles use a two-speed transmission. According to Car and Driver, “Multi-gear (spin) losses and development costs are reasons why EVs with more than one gear are uncommon, but we predict that will change.”

Turbocharged Engines Providing Better Mileage & Fuel Efficiency 

There’s always a new vehicle model with a turbocharged engine on the horizon. Everybody wants power these days. Turbos tend to get better gas mileage in smaller engines, which is why more drivers are opting for them.

V6 engines have achieved a higher level of capabilities and respect through a combination of modern technologies. They generally use fuel injection systems to send fuel to the cylinders, which is one way they improve fuel efficiency while reducing emissions. But other models are starting to replace them, such as 4-cylinder turbocharged alternatives that are a great way to get a car that can do more, with less matter weighing it down.

Drivers Getting Superior Performance with LS Engine Swaps

Are you hoping for a future with superior engine performance? The solution to your car’s lagging potential doesn't have to be complicated or involve the purchase of an entirely new vehicle. It may amount to a simple engine swap. LS engine swaps have also improved as experts figure out the best ways to configure a broad variety of swaps in this new era of streamlined auto technology.

LS Superchargers Can Be Customized to Your Needs

There’s a lot to learn when making any alterations to a vehicle. You’ll want to explore LS engine castings and other key components to get the performance you’re looking for out of your swap. Taking a glance at ICT Billet’s swap guide will help you get your bearings in order to integrate your system properly.

There have been improvements in supercharger options for your new (or old) engine, using aerospace aluminum parts and accessories made entirely here in the United States. For example, ICT Billet has designed an LSA supercharger swap kit that integrates blowers into 6-rib serpentine systems: “Many of our customers opt to have the snouts ported by machine shops to add additional horsepower to their build.”

Access Engine Parts, Accessories, and LS Engine Expertise at ICT Billet

There’s nothing like getting superior performance out of your favorite set of wheels. Just be sure you have the skill and expertise if you plan to make any adjustments on your own. You don’t want your turbo to wear out your engine by selecting a mismatch of parts. To be on the safe side, talk to a professional who can make informed suggestions and produce the most seamless transition toward a more powerful future.

Ready to build a better engine in the new year? ICT Billet carries all of the LS parts you’ll need. Reach out to ICT Billet online or give us a call today.

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