Give the Gift of Power with an LS Engine

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Want to put a smile on the face of the driving enthusiast in your life? How about an LS (light-sport) engine swap for their cherished yet underperforming vehicle? 

A growing community of drivers is discovering the wonder of an LS engine swap to make their vehicle purr. When these drivers approach an engine swap, they put the same passion into the selection of an engine that they do into driving so that everything is handled properly from the get go.

To end up with the right match, you may want to consider a range of factors for your replacement engine, starting with:

  • Pricing
  • Modernity
  • Drivability 
  • Quality of components
  • Engine history

The best gifts are the well-thought-out ones, so here are a few other things to know about replacing an engine. 

LS Engines Can Work with Varying Budgets

What’s your budget? When it comes to replacing an old or worn out engine and installing a new one, you may be surprised at the variety of options available to you. The price points will vary, with smaller and older engines at one end of the spectrum and top-of-the-line ones at the other. The LS engine you need for a given vehicle can be defined by a few different things:

  1. Amount of horsepower
  2. Number of miles on it
  3. Level of advanced technology
  4. What else might you add to it

With bigger budgets, drivers can typically get more modern technology with more horsepower and better driving potential. But those gently used, higher-end LS engines with fewer miles on them can also be hard to find, which is why partnering with a specialist will get you better results than contacting unknown entities online.

Give Engine Parts or Accessories 

The LS engine can function in a broad variety of applications, from small cars to SUVs and trucks. That’s why there’s more to a swap than simply buying a new or used engine and placing it where the previous one lived. And despite everything you’ve heard about horsepower, it is just one element that determines how the engine will perform in its new environment.

If the person you’re shopping for is considering performing their own swap, they’ll also need to figure out what parts and accessories are necessary. Give them the gift of high quality LS engine parts that will be essential to a successful swap. To find out more about parts and accessories available for engine swaps, visit our online parts guide to check out our offerings.

What About the LT Engine Swap?

The LT (luxury touring) is yet another GM engine that more drivers are using. Some drivers opt for an LT engine in order for their vehicle to meet certain emissions standards or efficiency requirements, in addition to getting improved performance. However, because the LT engine typically costs more than an LS engine, the cost may mean the LT is not an option for everyone.

Why You Should Have an Expert Perform Your Engine Swap

These days, getting all of the electronics to connect with one another is critical. When you work with a specialist who has performed swaps on a range of different vehicles, you don’t have to worry about missing parts, whether the transmission is included, or getting the ratios and spacing just right. Even with one of the less powerful engines, an expert who has performed different swaps can make the right adjustments to make it come alive. 

Talk to ICT Billet About Your LS Engine Options

You may not be able to use all of the parts connected to your old engine. Work with a professional at ICT Billet, who will notice if any components are needed for your ride to fully function. One of our team members can ensure the right compression ratio for those considering turbo allocations and take into account other possible applications. Someone who has years of experience swapping engines can add parts, ensure they are properly connected, and save you a lot of time in the process. 

Reach out to ICT Billet online or give us a call to discuss your options with one of our specialists today.

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