Is Your Car Reaching Its Driving Potential? 3 Ways to Find Out

There’s nothing quite like hugging the curves of an open road – free but in full control of your ride. But many drivers settle for something less than the driving experience of their dreams simply because their vehicle is more practical than racetrack material.

The thing is, the way a car drives is partly a reflection of the owner. It takes a caring car owner to ensure it remains in peak driving potential over time. This can include a combination of factors. To be sure, regularly scheduled maintenance is essential for maintaining its performance and longevity. Without it, wear and tear on the engine’s components can go unnoticed and weaken the engine. But there are other ways to be sure you’re getting as much out of your car as possible. 

1. Routine Maintenance: Examine Your Vehicle for Wear and Tear

Have you experienced any strange sensations while driving or sudden stalling when applying the gas? These are signs you need to get your car checked – or take a look under the hood yourself – to find out what the issue is and whether it can be repaired. Regular auto maintenance is one of the best ways to make sure that your vehicle's engine components are in good working order. This can involve checking the oil, filters, and other parts of the engine to make sure they are in good condition, or getting help to identify signs of wear and tear from a pro. By looking for early signs of damage, drivers can replace faulty components before they cause lasting damage. Checking for unusual noises, vibrations, or other signs of problems will help ensure that your engine is running as smoothly as possible

2. Pay Attention to Driving Habits That Might be Hard on Your Engine

The fact is, drivers often know they’re hard on their engine. But they overlook that fact because they’re in a hurry or have simply developed some bad driving habits over time. Driving on empty or close to it, or revving your engine unnecessarily are signs you fit into this category. Other signs you’re not being kind to your car and possibly shortening its life include:

  • Stop and start driving
  • Poor shifting, such as when it’s in motion
  • Speeding on the freeway
  • Putting off repairs 

Not driving enough, as strange as it may sound, can also keep your vehicle from reaching its true potential. One reason is that not revving your engine fully can cause carbon deposits to build up and clog the valves, intake manifold and other parts. Taking your car out for a spin will allow the oil to warm up and increase its efficiency – and possibly its longevity, as well.

3. Talk to an LS Engine Swap Expert About Replacing Your Engine

One of the surest ways to boost a vehicle’s performance is by swapping out the existing engine with a stronger, higher performing one. LS engines give drivers more power, quality and torque than they currently have – and a swap is one of the few options with an older vehicle that will truly change your driving experience. But it’s not something to do on a whim, without understanding the full ramifications for your vehicle. The process can be fairly complex and require moving some parts around, so should only be in the hands of someone with years of experience.

Not to mention, the quality of your vehicle may depend on other factors, from its age to your driving history. Therefore, you want to work with someone who knows what they're doing, and who can communicate the process with you so you’re fully confident with your choice. Speaking to an engine swap specialist at ICT Billet will let you know whether a swap is feasible, how it would work, and what kind of change you can expect in your vehicle. 

At ICT Billet, we offer hundreds of items for LS and LT cars and trucks. We design, produce and carry all the parts you need for a proper configuration. Reach out to ICT Billet online or give us a call so your vehicle can reach its fullest potential.

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