Ways to Increase Your Car’s Engine Performance

There are many telltale signs of a high-performing engine. A smoothly-running internal combustion engine delivers just that – smooth performance. The way your vehicle accelerates, good gas mileage, and the way it handles hills and curves in any weather are all signs of a healthy, high-performing engine. Any strange movements such as jerking, surging forward or stalling when you apply the gas are signs something is amiss.

But there doesn’t have to be any problem at all for you to want better engine performance. There are many ways to improve an engine, and landing on the right solution or solutions may require some trial and error. If you’ve tried making small changes to your engine with little sign of improvement, however, there is a clear alternative you may not have considered. More and more, people who want to take their performance to the next level are swapping out their engine with an LS replacement to get that boost of power they crave. 

Possible Steps to an Improved Engine

Above all, a good engine should be able to produce a certain amount of power and torque. A certain level of performance is vital to the success of any car, whether you’re a commuter who just wants to stay in his lane or someone who heads offroad for weekend adventures. No matter what you drive or how you drive, some of the factors that will affect your performance include the engine’s displacement, how much power capacity it has, the number of cylinders, and the type of fuel used, not to mention how you handle yourself behind the wheel.

That said, if you’re feeling a lag or some other sign that something is off, there could be any number of ways to address it, either on your own or with the help of a mechanic. If you love your car then you know changing your oil and filter, as well as the quality of oil, are essential to a healthy engine. Other possible steps to an improved engine include:

  1. Maintain your vehicle and replace your air filter, spark plugs, or other worn-out parts.
  2. Add a forced induction system. 
  3. Invest in premium oil and improved lubricants.
  4. Remove excess weight from your vehicle.
  5. Check your ignition and compression level. 
  6. Install a larger throttle body and injectors.
  7. Put in a cold air intake (CAI).

If you’re unsure of the cause of a poorly performing engine, consider having the issue checked out by an expert before diving into solutions. That way you’ll save time and money and get closer to that superior functionality and performance we all want in a vehicle. 

Swap Out Your Underperforming Engine for an LS Engine

One sure way to get more torque and better performance is with an LS engine swap. An engine swap through ICT Billet makes superior performance available to drivers of just about any type of vehicle. One reason is that the car's engine doesn't need to turn over to power forward. It will likely produce a higher horsepower, making it a simple way to increase your overall performance. Some people associate these engines with larger vehicles, but they can be found in smaller ones, too, including motorcycles and electric vehicles. 

The team of experts at ICT Billet have extensive experience making swaps, so they know how to make the right adjustments for each individual vehicle. We produce all of the internal engine components needed for an LS swap to ensure you get the right configuration. Because we are local and don’t rely on far-off supply chains, if there is ever an issue with your performance, we are equipped to get to the bottom of it until you are satisfied.

Contact ICT Billet online or give us a call today to get answers to any questions you have about LS engines and what a swap would mean for your vehicle. We look forward to helping you get the performance you’ve always wanted!

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