Racing in the Midwest: Where to Get Your Race On

Are you in search of the best racetrack within driving distance that’s worthy of a visit with your car and its newly upgraded engine? Buckle up! There are many top-notch race tracks right here in the Midwest, both for racing and for their fans to enjoy. At the St. Louis area’s World Wide Technology Raceway, a recent six-race NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series Countdown to the Championship, was just one of them. 

Racing isn’t something you can just jump into blindly. If you plan to participate, you’ll want to know your stuff first. Doing an LS engine swap can be an important part of the process. Then, select a track to visit and check it out yourself.

How to Drag Race Legally

Street racing is illegal in most cases. That’s why it’s important to take the law seriously when it comes to competing for speed with other vehicles. 

There are a few things drivers must consider if they want to drag race the right way. These include:

  • A valid license
  • A car that is in good condition and can handle the race
  • A track that is legally designated for racing
  • Compliance with any local requirements
  • Up-to-date car insurance

In addition, drivers must be sure to have the necessary personal safety equipment. Helmets, cotton clothing, closed shoes, and socks may all be required during a race. For more information on rules, safety regulations and recommendations, check out the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), a drag racing organization that sets the rules in drag racing and hosts events throughout the United States and Canada.

Tracks and Dragways in Illinois, Kansas, Indiana and Wisconsin

Between its many scenic roads, wide open spaces and the laid back folks who live here, the Midwest was almost made for racing. Chances are, there’s a racetrack where you can try your hand at competing that isn't too far away. Here are just some of the many Midwestern car racing track options:

In Kansas:

Kansas International Dragway

Mid America Dragway

SRCA Drag Strip

In Illinois:

Byron Dragway

Cordova Dragway

Central Illinois Dragway

In Indiana:

Muncie Dragway

Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park

Speed’s New Hope Indiana Dragway

In Wisconsin:

Wisconsin International Raceway

Great Lakes Dragaway

Rock Falls Raceway

Drag Racing with an LS Engine

Different engine types are allowed on the racetrack. Generally, the rebuild of an LS, GM’s small block engine, will get you about 100 more horsepower compared to similarly modified engines. Rebuilding a worn-out old school engine is another option, but the costs of doing so can add up. And let’s face it - the main reason folks do an LS engine swap is because of how much it boosts the power of their car.

An LS swap can be done for most road racers, as well as high-speed off-road racing vehicles. Because they’re powerful, lightweight and high revving - and don’t need a power adder like a turbo or a supercharger - they’re the natural choice for someone who wants a vehicle that is durable and reliable both on the track and off.

How About Dirt Track Racing?

Sure, why not give it a try? The LS dirt track engines have grown in popularity in the dirt world in recent years. Just like in other surroundings, the power, flatter torque curves, and lighter all-aluminum builds are sure to benefit your vehicle.

LS Engine Swaps in Wichita, Kansas for Your Next Race

Getting an LS engine swap is simple. Not only can it potentially last for decades, but it may also get you ahead in your next drag race. If you’re considering swapping out your old engine, be sure to work with local builders like the ones at ICT Billet to save money and get the best service around.

Because ICT Billet manufactures auto parts and accessories right here in Wichita, Kansas, you’ll have no problem following up for extra parts and additional services. Our experts are on hand daily to answer any questions you might have, either before or after using our services. We specialize in providing the best and most affordable LS engine parts that are made in the US - from premium, aerospace-grade billet aluminum designed to provide the perfect fit. 

Whether you race or just want a superior ride, reach out to ICT Billet online or give us a call today. We’ll get your car, truck, or SUV performing better than ever before!

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