What Makes LS Engines Special

If you’re a fan of the LS (or light-sport) engine - a large and growing community - then you know this closed-loop, internal combustion engine can function in a variety of applications. The same combustion cycle can be used throughout the compression and combustion phases, unlike traditional internal combustion engines that operate on a four-stroke cycle. And it’s at the heart of many types of vehicles today, which is why so many people who are passionate about driving choose to swap out their engine with an LS replacement. 

What started years ago as a small-block pushrod V8 variety, today’s LS engines come in different sizes for different kinds of automobiles. With it you get superior:

  • Performance
  • Horsepower
  • Reliability
  • Accessibility

Thanks to numerous iterations over the years, these engines are uniquely powerful and efficient, enabling our cars to get us where we want to go on a moment’s notice. They’re commonly used in trucks, SUVs and luxury cars - but an engine swap through ICT Billet makes them widely available to just about everyone else on the road. 

Giving Your Ride That Extra Burst of Power

Many folks don't realize that with its pushrod design, LS engines put out much more torque than other engines, enabling them to make better use of the available torque, with less likelihood to have torque converter or transmission problems. When you put your car in gear and accelerate, the car's engine doesn't need to turn over to power forward. 

How do LS engines achieve such performance and efficiency? In an LS engine exists a gas (or sometimes hydrocarbon) burning chamber in which an air-fuel mixture is burned, and a combustion chamber with a piston driven by a crankshaft. There’s a lot of potential for modifications using an improved camshaft or other aftermarket upgrades. The engine produces a higher horsepower, depending on the vehicle it's in, and it can be found in both V8 and V6 configurations. This makes it easy to increase your performance in ways that blow away the competition.

LS Engines Are Widely Available for Other Types of Cars

While LS engines were originally designed for larger vehicles, they can be found in smaller ones as well, such as motorcycles and even electric vehicles. Many types of cars, including hybrid and electric vehicles, can be equipped with a LS engine - but it takes an experienced pro to make the right adjustments so it works for each individual vehicle. 

Here at ICT Billet, we offer hundreds of items for LS and LT cars and trucks. We already know that putting an LS engine in your car gives you a significant boost in power output, but did you know the combination of extra power and improved gas mileage is unlike anything else you can buy? All you do is go online and find the internal engine components you need for your LS swap. We design, produce and carry a wide variety of all the parts you need for a proper configuration, including:

  • Head bolts
  • Lifters
  • OEM sensors
  • Oil pumps
  • Timing covers

This gives drivers everywhere the ability to create the perfect LS engine for their vehicle. They get access to the best fitting, highest quality, and most affordable LS parts on the market. Each swap is based on a unique understanding of their design, construction, and performance characteristics. 

LS Engine Swaps Are Designed and Produced in Wichita, Kansas

Put an LS engine in your car and it will do an excellent job that can potentially last for decades. Unlike many parts distributors, ICT Billet makes a huge difference by manufacturing auto parts and accessories from a single location in Wichita, Kansas. We specialize in providing the best and most affordable LS engine parts worldwide. Our engine components are made in the US from premium, aerospace-grade billet aluminum and designed to provide the perfect fit. Basically, we have everything to complete your LS swap and get your car, truck, or SUV performing better than ever before.

Reach out to ICT Billet online or give us a call today. Avoid delays caused by overseas shipping and product shortages. We look forward to helping you with your next LS swap project!

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