Made-in-America Auto Parts & Accessories

The Growing Preference for Made-in-America Auto Parts & Accessories


Whether due to national pride, higher production quality, or a desire to support the red-white-and-blue financially, customers of all stripes want to see more “Made in America” labels on goods these days. Companies across industries are getting the message: more and more, consumers are asking for locally made options when it comes to buying just about anything.

The auto parts and accessories industry is no different. LS engine fans are among the many folks who want access to the parts they need - at reasonable prices - without having to navigate supply chain bottlenecks or wait endlessly for shipments to arrive.

And why not support local communities in the process?

The Appeal for Locally Manufactured Goods

The growing demand for products made in America is based on many things, from recent shortages of everyday goods to a desire to support local small businesses. As an example, the percentage of car shoppers who say they want a car that’s built in America has spiked from 22% to 40%. The same goes for finding parts to switch out that engine for a superior one through companies like ICT Billet, which offers hundreds of items for LS and LT cars and trucks.

What Made in America Means in the Auto Parts Industry

There are many benefits to going local. If something is made in your community or region, it’s a lot easier to come by than if you’re waiting for a plant overseas to reopen or bump up production. But some auto parts companies claim their products were made here when some or most of them were merely assembled or designed in the U.S., not actually manufactured here.

With a facility located in the heartland, ICT Billet is the only 100-percent American made company of its kind in the country that can provide car enthusiasts with the best fitting, highest quality, most affordable LS swap parts on the market when they need them. This level of control over our goods also keeps prices affordable and backorders early nonexistent. Because parts are developed and manufactured in-house, they’re thoroughly tested before being released to the public.

Car Parts & Accessories Made Here in Wichita, Kansas

ICT Billet makes a huge difference by manufacturing auto parts and accessories from a single location in Wichita, Kansas. This separates us from the competition, including those who make claims of being locally made when their products are simply assembled in the U.S. and manufactured elsewhere.

Parts for LS engines made entirely right here in the Midwest include:

Manufacturing all our products in-house also allows us to carry an extensive inventory so that instances of goods being out-of-stock are hardly ever an issue. This helps you get what you need ASAP. No waiting for overseas shipping times and potential hangups in customs for your much-needed swap parts.

Added Benefit: Customer Service Is Local, Too

Consumers concerned about relying on products made elsewhere are showing their support at the register. With a true made-in-America brand, the ongoing support from local sales and customer service teams are part of what draws such a loyal customer base. If someone ever has an issue with a product, it can be easily addressed. The person picking up the phone isn't answering from somewhere outside the facility. Our sales and service team work closely with our in-house designers and engineers and have the know-how to answer any questions that come their way.

Keeping our jobs in America is important to us. We also use materials produced in the U.S., including metric flange bolts, pulleys, and many other components, ensuring you get the best, most reliable parts.

Reach out to ICT Billet online or give us a call today at 316-300-0833. We look forward to answering your questions as well as helping you with your next LS swap project!

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