LT Alternator Swap Guide

The alternators on the LT based engines offer a very high output compared to the LS based alternators. The LT truck alternator is actually the same size as the LS truck alternator and can be used with ICT Billet brackets designed for LS applications. The outputs very from 150 amp ( L82 / L83 / L84 / L86 / L87 ) to the Camaro and CTS-V ( LT1 / LT4 ) whopping 215 amp

What this means to you?

The LT engine alternators offer a bigger selection of amperage needs for your build. If you have a simple set up that does not have alot of electrical components that is perfect. If you have a set up that has a ton of electronics or a wall of subwoofers these alternators should provide you plenty of juice. Check them out and integrate them into your build!

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