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LS Water Pump Swap Guide

General spacing applies for the water pumps as well. You can NOT use any water pump on any LS based engine. Yes they will bolt up, but spacing is very important, same as pulley size, ect. However there is more adaptation for the water pumps with our water pump spacers.

Example: You can use a (-2) spacing LS1 water pump on a (-3) 5.3 truck engine.

What this means to you?

The ability to use different style water pumps will allow the build to be more universal. Most swaps are done to be as cost effective as possible.

Instead of buying a brand new water pump for your spacing just use ICT Billet Water Pump Spacers to make the one you have work! Make sure to keep in mind where the heater hose will run into the water pump when deciding on what water pump to use, what intake manifold, which ICT Billet Bracket to use, ect.

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