LS Ignition Coils Swap Guide

Ignition coils are pretty straight forward. They provide the spark to your spark plugs by a signal from your Engine Control Module (ECM). From General motors the ignition coils are located on the valve covers. ICT Billet makes a coil relocation set that will allow you to more those coils to a remote location and clean up the top end of the engine.

What this means to you?

Being able to relocate your ignition coils will open up the top side of the engine for things like our ICT Billet Valve Covers! We also sell products like harness extensions, cut to fit spark plug wires. We make the relocation process as painless and universal as possible. The first thing you need to know is which ignition coils you have, or will need for your swap. Refer to the guide below to identify your coils.

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