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LS Torque Specs Swap Guide

Below in this guide are the torque specs of LS based engines. These are the stock bolt torque specs, if you are running ARP bolts then refer to the instructions that came with the bolts for their torque specs. The column to the right on the guide shows a "degree" section, this means the bolts that are being used in that application are Torque To Yield (TTY). TTY bolts are one time use only becuase they stretch after they have been torqued. These bolts allow more clamping force when two metals are expanding and contracting, the bolt will move with it instead of fighting against and potentinally breaking.

What this means to you?

This means this guide is a one stop shop to give you common questions on the torque specs of these bolts. No more just sending her home with two ugga ugga's. Be smart. These engines are making a ton of horsepower on stock bottom ends, but its the small things that will allow them to keep being efficent and reliable for you. Please refer to the guide below for the torque specs!

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