LS Power Steering Pump Swap Guide

The power steering pump and pulley follow the same spacing principle. As you can see in the below guide the three pumps are noticeably different.

Keep in mind which power steering pump you have in conjunction with the rest of the accessory drive because pulley size comes in to play to make sure you have the correct length belt.

(-1) 1997-2013 Corvette spacing

(-2) 1998-2002 Camaro LS1 spacing

(-3) 1999+ Truck spacing

What this means to you?

ICT Billet uses these measurements to design our powersteering bracket kits. Understanding which powersteering pump you either have, or will need, will make your swap one step easier.

We do offer a kit with a power steering delete as well, so in the place of the power steering pulley we include an idler pulley and an updated belt length for that application.

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