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LS Oil Pan Swap Guide

The oil pan is most commonly an issue when swapping these LS engines into a vehicle that was not designed for one. Reason being, the clearance and the way the front suspension systems were designed are different. We have seen customers do many things in this situation, you can opt for a new modern front suspension system, or you can notch out what you need to to make it work. The guide below will show you some key differences and also measurements on the LS based engine oil pans!

What this means to you?

This means a LS engine will probably not drop right into your 72 C10 without some sort of front suspension work. Most common is to switch to some sort of k-member and mustang 2 front suspension system, that will make your swap steer like a modern vehicle as well as ride like one. ICT makes many accessories for oil pans. Please see guide below and get some good information and hopefully help you make a decision on which oil pan you would like to use in your swap.

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