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LS Fuel Injectors Swap Guide

Which fuel injector do you want to use with your swap? Do you know? What type of fueling do you need? Something simple, or a high flow application? Whichever need you have for fueling ICT Billet creates spacers and harness adapters that allow you to use pretty much any combination you can think of. Keep in mind not every injector is the correct height, or size to fit in any intake and fuel rail. See the below guide to get a better understanding of that injectors can fit where.

What this means to you?

What this means to you, is that your option for a factory style LS based fuel injector can now interchange into your intake and fuel rail combination. Example; you can now use LS3 injectors on your LS1, LS2, and LS truck intakes! This comes in handy when you have an application that needs a little more fueling but you do not want to spend a thousand bucks on some injectors. We also sell the harness adapters that allow the injectors a simple plug and play functionality, no need to worry about splicing and soldering wires. We are seeing a growing number of LS2 intakes swapped onto a truck motor, well with our adapters we can now use a LS truck injector to either an LS1 or LS2 intake! Very easy, clean installation. All of the hard work has been done, just install o-rings, set in rails, bolt together and tune!

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