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LS A/C Compressor Swap Guide

Thinking of installing air conditioning on your swap? Most of our swap customers prefer to keep A/C on their vehicle. We make this easy by providing a wide selection of brackets to mount your A/C compressor on trucks, cars, hotrods, etc, with options ranging from GM factory R4, BMW, Ford, Sanden 508, 7176, 708, HT6 and other types of compressors. ICT Billet manufactures these brackets in house to our precise dimensions using GM specs for a perfect, reliable fit everytime.


block to clear the frame rails. The factory A/C compressor runs off a 4 rib belt off the back of the crank pulley, with our relocation brackets we are integrating the compressor into the serpentine belt system. This does change the compressor to a 6 rib pulley, which means you will either have to change the clutch and pulley on the compressor or purchase one of our compressors with a 6rib pulley.

What this means to you?

Integrating air conditioning to your swapped vehicle has never been easier. Pick from one of our many A/C compressor brackets is completely up to you, here at ICT Billet we want to make sure you have every combination of bracket you can think of, and get it to you quickly!

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