Transmission Wire Pigtail Kit NSS Reverse Light PRNDL Switch GM 4L60e 4L80e

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Wire Pigtail Transmission Neutral Safety Reverse Light Switch GM 4-speed Automatic 4L60e 4L80e

Transmission Connector Kit - Neutral Safety - Reverse Light - Range (PRNDL) Switch Connector Pigtail


  • Assembled in Wichita, Kansas with USA made OEM grade TXL wire
  • Compatible with 1995 to 2004 GM 4-speed automatic transmission applications
  • Includes: 2 pigtails w/ 6 inch wire leads
  • Assembled with OEM tooling, OEM Delphi (connector, lock, seals, and terminals),(uses OEM harness wire colors)
Don't take a chance with cheap wire connectors, that use poor quality (wire, crimps, twisted/bent/unseated terminals) and have conductivity issues that will cause your engine to run poorly and be difficult to diagnose.

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