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LT Throttle Body Swap Guide

General Motors really outdid themselves with the throttle bodies on the new gen V engines. There is a wide variety and variation to select from. We have 5 different options ranging from a 72mm to a 95mm bore. The have different dimensions as well, please see the guide below for the exact measurements of the throttle body assembly. The location of the throttle position sensor varies as well. Some are on the left, some on the right. Depending on which engine you have will determine the type of throttle body and orientation you need. Please refer to guide below to see what throttle body you need! 

What this means to you?

When purchasing the engine, intake, and harness you want for your swap you will need to keep in mind the throttle body that will go with that intake. The size of the opening and also the diameter of the holes. Where the throttle position sensor would plug in is also a key factor. Would hate to get everything installed and find out the harness will not reach, then you will need a wire harness extension. Here at ICT Billet we make adapters, extensions, throttle body rotation adapters, ect. We can help ease the pain of finding the throttle body for your needs!

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