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LT Supercharger Swap Guide

The exciting part of any swap is deciding how you are going to power this thing. Either keep it naturally aspirated, or nitrous, or forced induction. The ideas will constantly be tossed around your mind until you settle on one. If you decide to go with forced induction it is easy as ever with the LT4 blowers. The LT4 blower is a 1.7L intake mounted supercharger that comes factory on the Z06 Corvette, ZL1 Camaro, and Cadillac CTS-V. Here at ICT Billet we have made a way to mount these LT4 blowers onto your LT truck engine. The difference is the mounting locations on your heads from the non-supercharged truck block to the LT4 blower. The LT4 off of the Camaro and Cadillac are peferable, they have the proper spacing needed to introduce your blower into the serpentine drive system. The snout on the Corvette blower is recessed. We also have accessory drives that will include the idlers to make sure everything stays tight. Please refer to the guide below for more information and specifications on the LT4 and LT5 blowers! 

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