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LT Intake Ports Swap Guide

There are not much different when it comes to the heads on the gen V engines. The most noticeable difference would be where the bolt holes are for the intake manifold. 

The non-supercharged LT1, L82, L83, L84, L86, and L8B have a "mid bolt" location. Meaning the bolt holes for the intake are about the middle of the intake port on the heads. 

The superchared LT4, and LT5 have raised bolt holes. These holes are located above the intake port on the head and these raised bolt holes are what the blowers will bolt into. 

What this means to you?

This means be careful when purchasing the engine you need for your swap. There are many similarities of the gen V engines in comparison to one another, but its subtle details like this that can throw your entire build off. When fitting a LT4 to a non-LT4 head there are a few steps to take to get you ahead of the game. Here at ICT Billet we have designed an adapter for two ways. The first is to allow you to bolt an LT4 blower to a non-LT4 head. What that means is you can mount the LT4/LT5 blower to your gen V truck engine! The next adapter we made was the opposite. To convert from an LT4 head to a non-supercharged setup. So that means you can put a regular car intake on your LT4 engine. Mainly used in other forced induction applications where an intake mounted blower will not work. 

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