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LS Wiring Guide (Gen III DBC) Swap Guide

Did you recieve a big bulky wiring harness with your engine? Usually the answer is yes. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but usually we see customers wanting to hide as much wiring as possible. There are options for stand alone harnesses that were made for this exact issue, and they are pricey. There are MANY things that you will not be using in that harness. Things like ABS, traction control, theft deterrent systems, electronic brake control module, ect. will not be used. Below is a wiring guide that gives you the location of the wires that you have to have to make your engine run. This guide is for Gen. 3 engines, there could be differences with the Gen. 4 engines.

What this means to you?

This means that you can thin out that mess of a wiring bundle you have. Will make for a cleaner install. But most importantly will make it easier to diagnose a concern if you have an electrical issue. The less wires to worry about the better. These LS engines, are very particular to wiring, and voltage. Make sure to not cut corners when it comes to the electrical system. The modules are very sensitive to voltage, any fluctuation in voltage can cause them to do some very weird things. So take your time, refer to the guide and let us help you be great.

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