LS Supercharger Swap Guide

Plan to strap an awesome LSA blower on top of your LS engine? ICT Billet makes a LSA supercharger swap kit that will integrate the blower into a 6rib serpentine system. This kit is designed for truck spacing, only way to make it work with how far the pulley sticks out. We also make other pieces that will make that swap easier!

What this means to you?

This means that ICT has gone through the legwork of testing the LSA swap. Our goal is to make things as simple and universal as possible. There LSA blower on the ZL1 camaro has front facing water ports, while the LSA blower off the CTS-V has rear facing water ports, keep that in mind when you are planning your swap. Internally they are the same, same displacement, everything. Alot of customers opt to have the snouts ported by machine shops and pick up some good horsepower with them!

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