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LS RPO Code Specs Swap Guide

What is a RPO code? This code is pretty much the DNA of your vehicle. These codes are what General Motors used as instructions to put together your vehicle back in the factory. The plant would see these codes and know which parts to include on the vehicle or which parts to leave off. Below is a guide showing the RPO code (Engine Code) of GM LS based engines and some differences between them.

What this means to you?

The RPO code is important to you because these codes will help you decipher what exact engine you have, how much power, and also, what parts you need to make it work in your swap. Not every LS based engine is a "corvette motor", as cool as that would be, the same parts that work on said corvette motor wouldnt work on other engines. So to save everyone involved a headache and delaying your build, its best to know what you have, and a game plan on the type of build you are wanting to do. Please review the guide below to check out the differences in the graph.

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