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LS Fittings Swap Guide

During your swap you may notice your need to make things work together that you did not think of before. Using fittings will allow you to do that, either a remote water pump, a turbo feed and return line, or even transmission cooler lines, engine oil cooler lines, ect. The list goes on. These fitting can make your world alot easier and they look pretty cool too. There are different sizes of fittings all tailored to your needs. There are also different thread types, and some have o-rings, some dont. There are fittings that go on the ends of hoses, or some get threaded onto fuel lines. See the guide below to take a look at the differences in fittings and how they can work in your application.

What this means to you?

Getting all of the components of your swap to work together is sometime tough. The factory fuel lines are not very universal, they are made exactly to fit the vehicle they are in. So how will you get fuel to your engine? You can get you some -8 fuel line, and a few 8an fittings and make it happen. Utilizing these different types of fittings will make your swap go easier and also become very reliable.

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