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LS Alternator Swap Guide

Do you know which alternator you have, or will need? The most common is the 105 amp alternator found on the truck engines. This alternator has the smallest casing and is what ICT Billet

has used to create most of the alternator relocation brackets. The biggest reason for needing an alternator relocation for a very tight fit in the engine compartment of the vehicle recieving the swap. Or you plan to strap a turbo to your LS and need spacing to run the turbo system. Whichever of the reasons you need ICT Billet alternator brackets will be able to take care of you.

What this means to you?

Wherever you need to mount your alternator ICT Billet brackets will be able to handle it. Keep in mind the size of the casing and where you want to put it, you can only use the smaller 105 casing if you are going to relocate to the passenger side head. The 145/160 casings are just to big.

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