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Current Performance Wiring - Standalone Gen 4 58x LSx Engine Wire Harness 2007+ E38 DBW (EV6 LS3 Injector 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L) 6L80E Transmission

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Standalone Gen 4 LSx Engine Wire Harness 2007+ E38 DBW (EV6 LS3 Injector 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L) 6L80E Transmission

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Designed to be a universal fit LSx engine harness, our Stocker Series harnesses come standard with a sealed fuse box, Techflex split braided loom, and heat shielding to protect areas of the harness that are typically near exhaust.

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The CPW Stocker series harness contains all of the following connections:

  • ECM (Black and Gray Connections)
  • Crank position sensor (3 pin gray, rear passenger side behind starter. For 58x Crank reluctor)
  • Cam position/VVT (5 pin black, front of engine with adapter for 3 pin connection)
  • Knock sensors (2 pin cream colored plug, driver and passenger side of engine just above oil pan)
  • MAP sensor (3 pin gray plug w/ adapter to 3 pin black. Sensor mounts to intake in various locations depending on intake)
  • Engine coolant temperature (2 pin plug, front Driver’s side cylinder head)
  • Mass air flow (5 pin plug, front of engine. Sensor p/n 15865791 or equivalent)
  • Injectors (2 pin plugs, EV6 connection)
  • Coils (7 pin gray plug, between middle 2 injectors on each side of engine. Connects to factory coil sub-harness)
  • Throttle body (6 pin black plugs in to throttle body)
  • Electronic pedal (6 pin black out near ECM. For use with Corvette pedal p/n 19417903 or equivalent. Swap pins D & F, Brown & White/black, for truck pedal)
  • Oxygen sensors (5 pin trapezoid black. Uses sensor p/n 12581966 or equivalent. Routed out back side of engine)
  • Alternator (4 pin plug, 2 wires w/ adapter to 2 pin)
  • Oil Pressure (3 pin small round w/ adapter for larger style connection. Center back of engine behind intake)
  • Cylinder Shutoff, DOD/AFM (5 pin black Center back of engine behind intake)
  • Diagnostic link connector (16 pin black, intended to mount inside vehicle for ease of access)
  • Vehicle speed sensor (2 pin plug long enough to reach tail of transmission)
  • Optional – 4L60E, 4L80E Automatic transmission connector (TCM connection, black connector with blue cover near ECM and round gray plug out back of engine)
  • Optional – Input speed sensor (2 pin plug, included with 4L80e transmission option)
  • Optional – 6L80E Automatic transmission connector (Round black 16 pin connection out back of engine)

Bare input and output wires

  • 12V switched (Pink/Black, ignition power signal from vehicle ignition switch)
  • Power to Fuel Pump (Gray, 20A fused output from fuel pump relay pre-installed in sealed fuse box)
  • Tachometer (White, engine speed output from ECM)
  • Speedometer (Dk Green/White, calculated vehicle speed output from ECM)
  • Check Engine (Brown/White, ground signal from ECM to operate service engine light)
  • Fan 1 (Dark Green, control wire from ECM to operate primary electric fan relay)
  • Fan 2 (Dark Blue, control wire from ECM to operate secondary electric fan relay)
  • Optional – Brake Switch (Light Blue, connect to brake switch for TCC lockup control)
  • Optional – Tap shift (Purple, connect to resistor pack for tap shift control)


More Information

Bullet Point 1 Made in the USA with OEM connectors for the best possible connections
Bullet Point 2 Gen IV LS3 standalone harness
Bullet Point 3 This swap harness is specific for 2007+ Gen IV 58x engines with E38 ECU, EV6 Injectors and 6L80E
Bullet Point 4 Compatible with Automatic Transmissions
Bullet Point 5 Compatible with Drive by Wire Throttle Bodies
Weight 8.000000
ICT Manufacturer Current Performance
United States United States
Length Inches 15
Width Inches 15
Height Inches 3
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