Upgrading Your LS Swap with Modern AC Compressor Brackets

Upgrading Your LS Swap with Modern AC Compressor Brackets

LS engine swaps have become a staple in the automotive community, and with them, the need for adaptable air conditioning systems has grown. Many older vehicles lack efficient and reliable AC systems, often falling short in providing the comfort and convenience modern drivers expect. This is where LS swap AC compressor brackets come into play.

By upgrading to more modern AC system components, you can ensure that your LS swap retains its performance while offering enhanced cooling capabilities. These brackets allow you to integrate newer AC compressors, such as the Sanden 508, 709, or 7176, and even GM Denso 10 compressors, into your LS swap. This modernization not only improves the overall cooling performance but also ensures compatibility with more readily available parts, making maintenance and repairs a breeze.

Flexible Compressor Placement

One of the standout features of ICT Billet's LS swap AC compressor bracket collection is the freedom they offer when it comes to compressor placement. Depending on your vehicle's chassis and the configuration of your LS swap, you might encounter clearance issues that demand creative solutions. This is where the high mount and low mount options of these brackets shine.

High Mount Options: High mount brackets are tailored to domestic applications where tight frame rail clearance presents a challenge. These brackets elevate the AC compressor, resolving clearance issues and allowing for seamless integration. You have a variety of choices, including compatibility with Factory GM R4 "pancake" compressors (part number 551585X-1, -2 and -3), Sanden 508 or 709 compressors (part number 551474-1, -2 and -3), and the Sanden 7176 "peanut" compressors (part number 551472LS0-1, -2 and -3). Additionally, Factory GM Denso 10 compressors are supported as well (part number 551940-3).

Low Mount Options: For import applications that require a lower fitment profile due to hood, strut tower, and fender well constraints, the low mount options are the way to go. The 551137-LS74-1,-2,and -3 bracket, designed for Sanden 7176 compressors, ensures efficient AC functionality without compromising on fitment.

Tailored Solutions for Your Vehicle

The beauty of LS swaps lies in their versatility, which is why vehicle-specific options are paramount. ICT Billet caters to this need with their Swap Sheets, offering specific information and solutions tailored to your vehicle's requirements. Check out the full range of options here: https://www.ictbillet.com/vehicles.html.

What's on the Horizon?

ICT Billet is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, and they have some exciting developments in the pipeline. If you're working on a 350Z LS swap, the LS Camaro - AC Bracket for OEM Nissan 350Z AC Compressor (part number 551846-LS01-2) is on its way. This bracket allows you to reuse the factory AC lines for a seamless integration.

Additionally, if you're dealing with an OEM LSA compressor fitment, the LSA Camaro AC Bracket (part number 551197-LSA01) uses the factory 2010-2015 ZL1 Camaro or 2010-2015 LS3/L99 Camaro compressor, and retains the factory transmission oil cooler line mount, streamlining the process.

In conclusion, don't neglect the potential of your LS swap's air conditioning system. ICT Billet's LS Swap AC Compressor Brackets provide a gateway to modern AC systems and offer unparalleled flexibility in compressor placement. Whether you're working with a domestic or import application, these brackets cater to your needs. Embrace modernity and customization in your LS swap journey by incorporating ICT Billet's cutting-edge AC compressor brackets.

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