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Top Reasons the LS Engine Community is Growing

A community of thousands of people scattered around the world share something in common: a passion for LS engines. Forget whatever stereotype you have of the typical “car guy.” From die-hard fanatics to casual hobbyists and run-of-the-mill drivers, LS (and LT) engine lovers can be found on racetracks, at car shows, tinkering in their garages, and taking their cars out for a spin.

What they want is to install a used engine, up the performance in their vehicles, and then take advantage of the results. 

Swapping Information About the American-Made Car Engines

Anyone can enjoy feeling the power behind the wheel, which might explain the diversity of this group of auto enthusiasts. They may come together through shared interests, but what really gets them going is a desire to learn from one another and provide support wherever it’s needed. What does this global LS engine community talk about?

  • Whether their old car is worth a new engine
  • How to get better performance and fuel economy
  • Where to get the best LS engines and parts
  • The feasibility of swapping a smaller engine in that old beater
  • What kind of torque will they get?

The list goes on. The fanbase of the popular, American-made engine is growing in both diversity and number, and there are several reasons for this trend. 

Engine Swapping: A Cheaper Way to Get Car Horsepower 

LS fans, motorheads and lovers of driving and good times are equally drawn to the reliability in this type of engine. They want more potential for horsepower without having to invest a lot of money into making their dream car happen. The mechanically-inclined among them get particularly revved up when they see the potential blend of performance and cost benefits from an LS swap.

More Available LS Engines – and Reliable Places to Find Them

You don’t have to go picking through a junkyard or deal with unknown players to get the ideal engine for your vehicle. Lately, more drivers have concluded that an engine being carbureted doesn't necessarily offer the performance and reliability they need. 

At the same time, an increasing number of LS and LT engines are becoming available as older cars are discarded. That means drivers are figuring out ways to get their hands on the solid, high-functioning engines of those early 2000s Tahoes, Silverados and GM trucks no longer in use.

Keeping Classic Muscle Cars Alive

Some of the current enthusiasm comes from folks taking steps to keep their favorite old-school muscle cars alive. People who inherited their parents’ ‘98 Corvette or their grandad’s old hotrod are getting creative to make it happen. The rarity of these discontinued vehicles is what makes their owners want to keep the classics around, looking shiny and performing like new. 

A Fun, Supportive Community of Driving Fans

People like to bond over their love for the popular GM engine. That’s why race tracks, LS Fests, annual auto shows, and other events around the country are growing in size as countless LS gearheads and spectators get together for action-packed fun.

GM’s LS Engines Make Driving Come Alive

At the end of the day, LS engines make the driving experience better. A simple engine swap can enable a person to finally have that cross-country driving experience and feel secure while doing it. They may also be a necessity if you join street races every weekend. 

Spec Parts for Your Vehicle: Swapping Information on Swap Kits at ICT Billet

Are you looking for an exceptional used engine? Want to make use of that old engine of your own?

ICT Billet gives all types of drivers access to something no one else can: a broad selection of our U.S. – made LS and LT parts & accessories – and all the expertise you need. Whether you are a seasoned mechanic or just starting your first swap project, our knowledgable support team is just a call away. Looking for top quality, American-made parts for your own pet project? Check out our LS parts inventory.

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