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5 Reasons It's Time to Consider an AC Bracket for Your Swap Build

Now that the weather is warm, it’s time to make sure your ride has what you need to beat the heat! 

Swapping in a modern, high-performance engine is an exciting project, but have you thought about how you'll stay cool under the summer sun? Don't let a lack of air conditioning ruin that new powerplant experience. An often overlooked but crucial component is the AC bracket - and it's time to make it a priority for your swap build. 

Keeping your cool is more than just a comfort issue - it's about maintaining an enjoyable driving experience year-round. Let's dive into the key reasons an AC bracket deserves your serious consideration.

5 Reasons You Need an AC Bracket:

  • Retain functional air conditioning - Without an AC bracket, there's no way to properly mount the AC compressor, rendering your entire AC system useless after the engine swap.
  • Professional, clean installation - Custom AC brackets allow a tidy, well-integrated installation by precisely positioning and securing the AC components. It’s a clean upgrade to your engine bay's appearance too.
  • Easy installation with no guesswork - These brackets are designed specifically to fit your LS engine and vehicle swap combination, taking away headaches of fabricating a mounting solution.
  • Access to AC performance upgrades - Some brackets enable upgrading to higher output or efficiency compressors suited to your new LS engine's capabilities.
  • Preserve resale value - A properly installed, fully-functioning AC system in your engine-swapped ride increases its appeal and value down the road.

Don't let the summer heat turn your prized swap project into a sauna on wheels. The inexpensive addition of an AC bracket allows you to retain cool comfort while driving, promotes a professional-quality installation, and protects your resale value too. What's not to love? Make the wise decision – purchase and install the correct AC bracket for your swap build today. Your present and future self will thank you!

Why AC Bracket Quality & Proper Installation Matter

One other thing: be sure to get your car parts from a provider you can trust to supply the highest quality available. A well-made bracket needs to stand the test of time along with all the other components of a functional AC system. Proper installation is required to ensure your AC system stays solidly in place and helps provide a smooth ride overall. 

A reliable company like ICT Billet will also give you access to similarly high-quality factory AC compressors and everything else you need for your engine swap build. This is a bonus over aftermarket compressors because it's easier to find what you need to fix something when using factory parts.

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Because ICT Billet provides locally made goods, our clients are guaranteed exceptional quality in all parts and accessories. No matter what you need, you don’t have to worry about unexpected delays and can always get a hold of a trained specialist on the phone if they have any questions.

ICT Billet is the leading manufacturer of premium quality LS parts and accessories. Our parts are meticulously designed and crafted in our facility in Wichita, Kansas. You can rest assured that with the latest tools and technology, your engine will fit perfectly in your vehicle swap. Explore our website and shop our latest products. 

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