LS / LS1 Billet 3/4" Water Pump Spacer Kit

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Billet 3/4" WATER PUMP SPACER Truck Camaro Adapter Swap kit LQ4 LS1 5.3l LSX LQ9
LS series engine water pump spacers,  3/4" thick 
 These spacers are used to retain truck style accessories (power steering, alternator, etc.) while using a factory LS1 water pump. 

Made in the USA from aerospace grade billet aluminum
Natural aluminum finish as shown, includes bolts, 4 gaskets, 1 steam port plug.
Includes 1/8" NPT steam port provision in 1 of the spacers 
 LS Series Engine Belt Spacing Guide:
             Corvette, G8, & CTSV  engines have the tightest belt to block setting (other than FWD vehicles w/ LS4)
             LS1 Camaro belt spacing is 3/4" further outboard
             Truck & Camaro 2010up belt are 3/4" further than LS1 Camaro (1.5" from Corvette)